Welcome to the Gamebots homepage. Gamebots is a project started at the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute that seeks to turn the game Unreal Tournament into a domain for research in artificial intelligence.

The core of our project is a modification to Unreal Tournament that allows characters in the game to be controlled via network sockets connected to other programs. The game feeds sensory information for the character over the network connection. Based on this information, the client program can decide what actions the character should take and issues commands back over the network to the game to have the character move, shoot, talk, etc..

If this kind of AI sounds like your thing, we encourage you to give it a try. The original Unreal Tournament modification is available on our file downloads page, along with host of example clients there. We also have a UT2003 modification in our SVN repository and a branch for RIT's UT2004 version. And finally, the you maybe interested in the Java client.

During our transition to Sourceforge, you may want to visit our old website for documentation.

Questions or comments? Contact us.

Recent Updates

2002 Dec 19

Arghh... for those who noticed, sorry I killed teh website. Totally my fault.

2002 Dec 02

Thanks to a few CMU alum who sent me the latest copy of the CMU Dom bot. Turns out there were no changes to the version included with the JavaBot client.

2002 Aug 11

Slow progress... The web skeleton has made it to CVS (but this paragraph is the extent of the content updates), and all the old files have been reposted in our new files list, with the exception of the CMU Domination Bot (can someone tell me where this is located?).

2002 Aug 01

Rewriting the website from scratch. If you don't see any changes by the 8th, please Bug Me!!